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Polar Bear

The Polar Bear is our full size flatbed truck platform.  Built to fit a variety of flat beds on the market, the possibilities are endless with a flatbed camper.  Great for full-time living, bigger family camper, or your mansion on wheels.  Can be customized to sleep 2 or more people and all the the features you expect out of a 4 season camper.  With this wider platform, creativity  can make any vision possible.  Available for 6.5' and 8' flatbeds.  Additionally, a departure angle model (The Kodiak Bear- shown in the picture to the left) is available for even more space. See our resources page for exact dimensions.

Shell Prices Starting:

Polar Bear 6.5 - $25,000

Polar Bear 8.0 - $26,000

Kodiak Bear 6.5 - $26,000

Kodiak Bear 8.0 - $27,000

Customizable design.  If you have a vision, we can work with you to build it.  

4 season construction - R12 insulation througought the camper. Available with a hot weather mesh door or an insulated door ideal for snow / foul weather camping

The fiberglass and foam core design is lightweight and built to last generations.  The Total Composite Shell is an industry leader in innovative and durable material design.

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