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Like the exterior shell, we take inspiration from simple and elegant lines.  While focusing on functionality, we aim to create a home away from home - your adventure cabin on wheels.  We use materials and building techniques to make your living space feel premium and ready to handle expeditions for years to come. 

If you have a different layout or styling in mind, reach out to us and we can make the camper you envision.



We aim to keep our campers affordable for anyone with the itch to get outside.  While we would love to make them as cheap as possible, we pride ourselves on not compromising with inferior cabinetry builds; make it once and make it right.  Pricing for our stock interior builds for each sized camper is still a work in progress - please reach out if you would like an estimate.  The pictures above are from a variety of shell sizes.  A basic interior build pricing is about $8,500 with sink and upholstered interior included.  Note that number does not include the fridge, battery, solar, and windows.

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